23 August, 2011

Jay Hoad Releases Second Album - "Stories For The Soul"

Fusing diverse forms of Funk, Rock, Reggae, Tribal, Jazz, Latin and Celtic music Stories for the Soul is Jay Hoad’s deeply personal reflection as he relives the last six years on the road. Touring across the USA, the Caribbean, South-East Asia, Canada and his birth country Fiji, Stories for the Soul is Jay’s musical travel diary revealing stories that are rich with history with love, learning, possibility and heartbreak all being central themes.

Since Jay’s 2009 debut release, Warmth in the White, he has continued to develop his craft pushing his musical boundaries and treating his extensive and loyal audiences to his exceptional talents. His instrumentation comprises of more than fifteen unique instruments including didgeridoo, acoustic bass, electric bass, dobro, weissenborn lap steel guitar, dulcimer, djembe and ocarina all of which feature on this new release. 

Joining him on this recording are musicians Adam Page, Chris Finnen, Jim Miller, Steve Brown and Ria Loof just to name a few. The outcome is a combination of groove-driven songs, infectious funky melodies, downright dirty beats, heart-racing horns and heavy lap steel blues. 

Stories for the Soul is produced by Jay Hoad and recorded at Deep Blue Studios in Adelaide with Reid Jones. Additional tracks were recorded at AMI Studios in Maryland USA. CD mastering is by Tim Starnes (Lord of the Rings & Aviator) New York City.

Stories for the Soul is supported by a six month national tour kicking off in Alice Springs, taking in Regional Australia, all major capital cities including SA, WA, QLD, NSW, VIC as well as Fiji and NZ wrapping up in Japan mid-April 2012.

Stories for the Soul is released through MGM Distribution on October 7th, 2011.